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Analyse Asia

Dec 8, 2019

Simon Kemp, founder and CEO of Kepios joined us to discuss the recent Digital 2019 Q4 Global StatShot Report and share the major observations in how Asia Pacific has shifted social media from the west to the east. Starting from the report, Simon shares the key major observations including Asia's rising, Tik Tok vs Facebook and how 5G will shape mobile and social media in 2020. Last but not least, Simon offers his predictions on the digital world as he looks forward to 2020.

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Simon Kemp (@eskimon, LinkedIn), Founder & CEO of Kepios
    • We met during the live show in Singapore and many thanks for coming on as one of our three mysterious guests on the show. Since our last conversation, what have you been up to? 
  • Shift to the East: We Are Social Q4 Report and Q4 2019 StatShot Report.
    • Reference: The DataReportal library of free reports
    • What are the key major trends that you have observed globally and then specifically to the Asia Pacific?
    • In this Q4 report, you talk about Asia’s rising, can you break down what the key observations are?
    • How has been the growth in social media like in Asia Pacific: is it growing, stagnating or declining?
    • Based on the recent backlashes on Facebook, does the data show that the social media site has been on a decline? And are other platforms owned by Facebook such as Whatsup & Instagram been affected?
    • What about Tik Tok? How has their growth in Asia Pacific like?
    • Do you think that Tik Tok will face significant headwinds in the US similar to Huawei?
    • Specifically, the top apps in the Asia Pacific are no longer just confined to China but also in Japan and Korea as well, is it a foreshadowing of a longer trend?
    • What are some new social media sites/apps/networks that you are monitoring that no one else is looking at in the region?
    • How is 5G transforming China & Asia Pacific in this quarter?
    • What should we be looking forward to in 2020? 
  • Closing
    • Do you have recent recommendations of books or anything else to share?
    • How can my audience find you?

Podcast Information:

The show is hosted and produced by Carol Yin (@CarolYujiaYin) and originally created by Bernard Leong (@bernardleong).  Sound credits for the intro music: Taro Iwashiro, "The Beginning" from Red Cliff Soundtrack.