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Analyse Asia

Aug 13, 2022

"I think imperative that as an ecosystem, blockchain Web3 ecosystem, we're all growing together. I would love to see , more bridges with BNB chain and other blockchains as an example, so that you have a much more seamless tech base. And then more importantly, when crypto mass adoption really takes off again, underlying tech people will not need to know what's underlying tech. For us, I think that's important if we can be part of the core infrastructure supporting this new web3 paradigm, that would be amazing for us. If we have more and more use cases and more depths and more web 2 organizations building on BNB chain, that will be really amazing."

Fresh out of the studio, Gwendolyn Regina, investment director at the BNB Chain, Binance joined us in a discussion on the BNB Chain and shared her perspectives on investing in Web3. We began with Gwen's backstory and how she end up in the crypto industry. Then she dived deep into the current evolution of the BNB chain and how they are bringing builders to the ecosystem. Last but not least, she offered her thoughts on how the industry is changing, the different modes of financing a web3 company in equity, tokens or both and what is required to onboard the next billion into the web3 world in the next three years.

Podcast Information:The show is hosted and produced by Bernard Leong (@bernardleong, Linkedin) and Carol Yin (@CarolYujiaYin, LinkedIn). Sound credits for the intro and end music: "Run it" by DJ Snake, Rick Ross and Rich Brian and the episode is mixed & edited by Geoffrey Thomas Craig (LinkedIn).