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Analyse Asia

Jul 26, 2015

Jamie Metzl, currently a senior advisor to Cranemere LLC & a senior fellow of the Atlantic Council, joined us to dissect the economical and geopolitical landscape of Asia. Drawing from his illustrious career and experience in foreign relations and international diplomacy (Asia Society, US Senate Foreign...

Jul 23, 2015

Yu Junde, Vice President, Asia Pacific from App Annie joined us to discuss the footprint of App Annie in Asia Pacific. Starting from the origins of App Annie and how the company went from Beijing to San Francisco, Junde shared why Asia is the most interesting market in the world for mobile. We also discuss

The post

Jul 18, 2015

Ben Bajarin from Techpinions and Creative Strategies joined us again to discuss the different market dynamics for smartphones in China and India, the recent debate on Apple Watch sales based on non-sequitur numbers, and the hot technology bubble discussion in US as to the consequences to the Asian market. We also...

Jul 15, 2015

With Mike Harvey, head of strategic communications from Web Summit, we discuss “behind the scenes” for the upcoming Rise Conference 2015 in Hong Kong and his thoughts on the Asia digital landscape. We hear the story of why they decide to bring the conference to Asia, the key people who will be speaking in the


Jul 13, 2015

William Bao Bean, partner of SOS Ventures and Chinaccelerator, joined us on Analyse Asia to discuss how their accelerator and venture fund spurred the entrepreneurial ecosystem in China. We discussed the interesting companies under his portfolio, how they are working on growth hacks in Wechat and also why media is...