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Analyse Asia

Nov 29, 2022

"Because of the pandemic, we all became patients. We all became aware of diagnostic tools [and] therapeutic interventions.  The level of awareness that exists now around this specific topic is very high, but it also translates into us being more aware of why it's important to be preventative. The mask is preventative, exercise in the post-pandemic world is preventative for heart conditions, and there's a much larger appetite now to start looking at how we can work together in partnership to identify those things that allow us to intervene early in order to prevent or to slow down any types of conditions that could happen to individuals and shift the narrative around how we approach healthcare in Asia. This is absolutely necessary because of the challenges that we face and it will be totally enabled by data and technology. So the tools for that exist. The biggest question really is how we start to implement them." - Ahmed Elhusseiny


Fresh out of the studio, Ahmed Elhusseiny, the area head of the Asia Pacific in Roche Pharmaceuticals joined us in a discussion on how healthcare has been transformed in the Asia Pacific and what we have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. We began Ahmed's career journey and continued with the story of Roche Pharmaceuticals in the Asia Pacific. Ahmed dived deep into the key trends of healthcare specifically personalized healthcare which is augmented by digital tools and data. Last but not least, Ahmed shares what great would look like for Roche Pharmaceuticals in the Asia Pacific.


Podcast Information: The show is hosted and produced by Bernard Leong (@bernardleong, Linkedin) and Carol Yin (@CarolYujiaYin, LinkedIn). Sound credits for the intro and end music: "Energetic Sports Drive" and the episode is mixed & edited by Geoffrey Thomas Craig (LinkedIn).